It’s the middle of the night

And I’m here trying to shake the darkness away

Trying to feel more or feel less, depending on the moment.

You reach out,

And you ask if I’ll face your darkness too.


I must have forgotten to tell you I face the night alone.


You need someone to stay alive with you – just til the sun rises –

To pray you’ll see the darkness turn to day.

How can I pray for you when I find it hard to pray for me?

You honor me with your trust,

But you frighten me with your pain.


Numbness isn’t contagious but pain is.


I’m huddled in the corner trying to fight,

Trying to fix what I feel

Entertaining lies I’d never believe

If morning light were streaming through the blinds

But here you are, reminding me that I am human.


I’ve never felt so self-centered in my life.


You need me,

And you want me.

So I reach back –

You touch my darkness with your darkness,

And I touch your darkness with my light.


One is just the absence of the other, you know.


Your darkness is deeper;

Mine is shallow.

You have been ripped apart;

I rip my own heart apart

And hide the pieces underneath my bed.


Don’t tell me this but I’m beginning to suspect some part of me likes being sad.


My darkness is closer to gray than black.

Sometimes I am numb,

And sometimes I feel nothing so deep I hyperventilate,

And I’m not saying those things are okay.

But I still have light to spare.


I am human and you are human and our pain is what we have in common.


Even in the worst times,

I have light to share.

So I tuck my darkness away, and I pull out my spare bits of light.

And I know this isn’t the time to ask questions;

This is the time to wrap you up in the light and tuck you into safety.


I’ll stay here until you tell me to go and even then I’ll stay a little while longer.



i’ve been getting up early

looking for God in the morning mist

when the world is emptier, easier


I thought He’d hear my prayers more clearly

than at 3 am when they’re more cries than prayers


raspy whispers chasing the moon toward its setting



i’ve been getting up earlier than is easy

trying to decipher the messages You left for me

disconnecting Your voice from my desires


i heard it’s easier now than at 3 am

when my prayers are too desperate for any answer to be enough


the sun chasing me toward my rising

after midnight

anxiety is a wave – a tsunami

it’s a sneak attack

it comes when i least expect it

it comes when i most expect it, too

if only i could confine it –

one place

one time

one person

one feeling

but i cannot confine it

i can only fight it

anxiety is a sneak peak of depression

a trailer as frightening as the main event

depression is subtle

not a wave or tsunami –

just a little fall of rain

i don’t see it as quickly

sometimes it’s here for weeks,

settling over me like the thinnest layer of dust

barely noticeable

but impacting everything

depression is gentler –

but so much heavier

depression is months and months of numb

hiding behind the appearance of “okay”

it crushes everything it touches

but softly, slowly, gently –





anything that used to be easy –

it breaks me,


i wish i could fight it

but i find it hard to identify it

anxiety is flashes of orange and red in a spiral in a kaleidoscope constricting holding me down chasing me trapping me



it’s being stuck in an elevator with the walls closing in

is the elevator moving anymore?

will it ever move again?

will i be stuck here forever?

how long will forever be?

what will people say about me?

are they whispering behind my back do they know i don’t belong do they know


anxiety is a parking garage and i can’t find the way out how is it holding itself up it’s too heavy i’m too heavy it’s all too heavy it’s going to crush me before i find the way out i can’t breathe i can’t think with all this screaming who is screaming will you stop screaming i can’t breathe

depression is a shade of gray covering everything i see

all the things that should be technicolor –


peace is knowing the moment i’m in is the right moment

the place i’m in is the right place

peace is calm is home is freedom is happiness

yellow and blue in a swirl

sunbeams reflecting off the water

a kaleidoscope I have to pick up and choose to look through

a kaleidoscope moving slowly

pulling the best of me out of me

filling me with the best of me

pulling me out of myself

out of my head

peace is gentle, too

you were never mine to turn into a poem

you were never mine to turn into a poem

i’m sorry for all the poems i wrote you

i see now they were never mine to write


every single word was true,

but none of it was mine to say


i wish you’d told me sooner

i wish i’d known from the first day,


that you’d never write a poem for me

i wish you’d told me right away


but it’s fine – really – it’s okay


no matter what you should’ve could’ve would’ve said

i would’ve written them anyway




when you knew me you knew me as well as anyone did


i barely knew myself then

i was a stranger to myself when

i wasn’t aware of what i was going through


this year i met myself

this year i saw inside

and i want to tell you


i’m so far from what we thought

so much harsher and so much brighter

so much heavier and so much lighter


a year? you ask

what can change in a year

i knew you then so i know you now


a year ago I might’ve agreed, but I know now

a lot can happen in a year

a lot can grow and a lot can change and a lot of things have gone up in flames


this year i became aware of myself

this year i became new

this year i became aware of what i’m going through