Why is leaning into hopelessness so much easier than leaning into hope?

Is Jesus calling me to more than being sad all the time?

To hope

To believe in impossible good things

In surprises

In being fully and completely known by the people I allow to know me

In letting more people know me

In seeing the bookends of a day, together, the sunrise and the sunset, together, and arguing about which was better but knowing all of it was good

In grimy feet stuffed into long wool socks on camping trips, toes warm from the fire, no burn ban here

In icy dips in glacial lakes

In diving deeper in – into conversation, into knowledge, into crying together, into acknowledging that even though pain is never fun, we can lessen it by walking into it together

I want to be a person who leans into hope

I want to be a person who believes goodness and mercy will follow her all the days of her life

I want to be a person who sees the beauty of the future but isn’t in a hurry to get there

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