• i’ve been feeling like my old self again and for once that feels like a good thing my favorite thing about the old me was how much she loved her own company she knew the freedom in stillness – somewhere, i lost that but i want to find it again i am finding it, again […]

  • Why is leaning into hopelessness so much easier than leaning into hope? Is Jesus calling me to more than being sad all the time? To hope To believe in impossible good things In surprises In being fully and completely known by the people I allow to know me In letting more people know me In […]

  • fifteen second rule

    All day I’ve been remembering my dream from last night. You were there. We were standing in the middle of a field of wildflowers so vast I couldn’t see an end. I could only see you. My brother always told me nobody cares about anyone else’s dreams. We only listen as an excuse to start […]

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