Hi, I’m Carrie



Like I said, my name’s Carrie, and I’m in my early twenties. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English, and I enjoy reading and writing fiction and poetry.

You can find a few of my recent poems here.

I live in sometimes-idyllic, sometimes-hectic Lancaster County, in the house-in-the-woods where I grew up. My family moved from Iowa to Pennsylvania (simultaneously leaving the Amish church) when I was a toddler. I was raised in a tight-knit, conservative community, and I have learned so much from my family values and traditions, although I no longer uphold all of them.

I love to create, whether with a sketchpad, journal, frying pan, cocktail shaker, violin, or ukulele. I am always interested in trying new, strange foods such as kangaroo burgers, buffalo heart, or Belgian karakollen (snails). Traveling and exploring are my favorite things, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair amount, but there’s still so much of the world left to see.

The tagline for my blog, “Let’s get a little Carried away,” comes from, yes, my name. But it also stems from my personality. I’ve never been good at doing things in moderation, so if something catches my interest, I usually chase it down and give it my full attention. I “get a little carried away,” if you will. This also means I give new, exciting hobbies/ideas/people/places/concepts my full attention, but I tend to lose interest almost as quickly.

If you know me, you know a laugh is never far from my lips, and I try to bring a little joy into the life of every person I meet. My joy comes from the Lord and my goal is to be an ambassador for Him. I am prone to wander, but God is binding my heart and releasing me into my purpose, day by day, moment by moment.


I hope you’ll stick around and get a little Carried away with me!

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