Not a Political Post

(Ok, ok, maybe a little…)

Today, during my post-work couch chill time, I was looking at Facebook and Twitter. I pride myself in the fact that my Facebook news feed is full of opposing opinions on a regular basis. I have friends all along the political spectrum, and most of the time, that helps me to broaden my world view.

Today I came away so frustrated.

There was one specific conversation I read that was literally just one person (I don’t know) attacking another (lovely human being that I do know) because she didn’t agree with him. It drove me over the edge. I deleted my Twitter app, which I did for a month or so after the election as well. Since I’ve long ago deleted my Facebook app, I’m just going to try to check Facebook less because it truly does not make me happy right now.

I’m done with this hysteria taking over the nation. I feel like I’m in Salem in 1692, and I WANT to take up weapons and join the witch hunt. But I choose not to. I’m done losing respect for people by watching the way they interact with HATE, disrespect, and an inability to listen.

I want to approach every relationship with love. I fail to see how screaming from behind a keyboard, or tossing aside a friendship because of a Facebook dispute, does that. Before you say I’m just choosing to look away from the problems of the world, be assured I take in liberal and conservative news every day. If you only read Huffpost or only read Drudge Report, I urge you to read news from opposite ends of the spectrum, as well as news that is fairly neutral (i.e. is only slightly slanted). Don’t fall into the trap of getting all your news from one source.

Also, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SEEING A GOOD POLITICAL DISCUSSION, and occasionally I enjoy partaking in a good face-to-face political discussion. However, I see an issue in the posts that are attacks on a person’s character. I see an issue in posts that say, “My way is the only right way,” or, “If you disagree with me, you’re failing as a Christian,” or, “If you disagree with me, you want our country to fail,” or, “If you disagree with me, you’re an irrational idiot.” It’s the volatile shouting (via keyboard) that I’m tired of. It’s the debater who questions the other person’s intelligence rather than choosing to prove his point.

I’m frustrated. And I’m praying, for immigrants and refugees who have been seeking a home for so long, for our country-that we may learn to listen to each other, for our leaders-that they may have wisdom, and yes, for our President.

Donald J. Trump, I’m giving you a chance. No #notmypresident signs here. I have my doubts about you. But there are also things I like about you. I pray that you will do what is best for the country. I pray that you will prove to millions that you were the right choice.

You guys. Praying works. Don’t say it’s futile. If all the Christians in America began to actually pray for peace and for our government instead of just talking about it, big things would happen.

(Also, if you’re interested in helping refugees, don’t just talk about it; do it. Here’s a great organization that can get you started locally: Church World Service.)

That ended up being much more of a rant than it was originally meant to be. Sometimes you’ve just got to let it out, you know? Thanks, politics, for pulling me out of my blog silence. Let this be my last political post for a long while, Amen & Amen! Ok I’m going to go listen to United Pursuit or watch a Ted Talk and be calm now.